Church Life

Church Life

1. We meet every Lord’s Day for corporate worship services which we see as the highlight of each week.

We have one morning service as well as an evening service in which we sing, pray, hear God’s Word and celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.

2. Our primary intent as His local Body, is to assemble to worship and honour Him.                                   

When we assemble we are equipped, encouraged and instructed.

3. During the week we have mid-week home Bible fellowship groups.

We have a youth ministry which runs on Friday evenings.

4. Prayer is the life and power of the Body, the local church.

Therefore we emphasize its importance.

5. Apart from prayer at the Home fellowship groups.

We have corporate prayer meetings on specific Saturday mornings from  8-9am.

6. There are various other ministries that operate in the Body..

such as a support ministry providing much needed practical assistance to  people in need as well as to missions.

7. Ministry is a vital function of this local Body of Christ

and therefore we provide avenues to members to, according to their giftedness, become involved in the work of our Lord and thereby one day will hear the words…”WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT”